Bee on Flower

What we offer



Its ALL of your beeswax!

Exceeding Expectations

We offer

  • a natural health bee product called Propolis

  • educational tours including unique displays of living bees behind glass and

  • a range of mouth watering home made honey products.

Despite the therapeutic benefits of bee products, there is no way for man to recreate synthetically the properties of honey, pollen or propolis. In fact bee products contains certain compounds which are so complex that they have yet to be identified and categorized. Science has proved that isolated active ingredients of bee products are not nearly as health effective as the whole original bee product. Our delicious honey products are made on our farm under mother's watchful eye and personal touch.


Learn and observe something from the incredible bee with its experience of more than 40 million years. This is extremely popular with both children and adults.

The show lasts for about half an hour. A short informative talk is followed by a tour to observe bees. The glass walls of the hive facilitate close observation of the bees. “Its like getting right into the hive without fear of being stung is how best to describe it. Experience the amazing business of each bee and marvel at the organized females at work; cleaning the hive, building the comb and undertaking duties. The males can be observed having meetings and delegating chores for the female workers.

Learn to respect and conserve bees which are rapidly being threatened by mankind for their very survival.